Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: Which Should You Stay In?

With regards to picking Abu Dhabi versus Dubai, there are a couple of things you should consider.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. They’re about 90 minutes from one another, which makes going between them a breeze.

A nearby transport ride between the two costs 25 dirham single direction ($7), while a taxi ride to rent a car abu dhabi  is progressively similar to 220 ($60).

Suppose you have a couple of days to investigate the region—would it be advisable for you to remain in Abu Dhabi, or Dubai?

Abu Dhabi versus Dubai 

On the off chance that you need to hold this bird of prey, you must go to Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and the seat of the administration. It’s more calm and moderate than gaudy Dubai, yet that is actually why I cherished it.

When you close your eyes in the midst of the tall high rises of Dubai, you could be in any overdeveloped city. Be that as it may, when you’re in Abu Dhabi, you know you’re in Abu Dhabi.

In case you’re searching for nightlife and exercises, you won’t discover much here. In spite of an enormous expat populace brimming with the individuals who work for the most part with the legislature somehow or another, there simply isn’t a lot to do when the sun goes down.

There are a couple of incredible things to see and do during the day in Abu Dhabi notwithstanding:

Stupendous Mosque 

You can’t miss a visit to this fantastic design wonder. The amazing mosque is seemingly one of the most inconceivable mosques I’ve seen, ever, and I’ve been to many mosques and houses of worship.

Passage is free, you’ll be given a full-length hooded outfit to conceal and you’ll have to cover the majority of your hair with it. On the off chance that you would prefer not to place your hair in it, bring your very own scarf.

Master tip: come just before dusk and you’ll be compensated with a consistently evolving scene. As the lights please from day to night the vaults change into a lovely blue.

Bird of prey Hospital 

The main spot on the planet that has an emergency clinic providing food only to birds of prey. Your visit here incorporates the chance to hold one, and in case you’re fortunate, feed one. It’s intriguing to find out about the significance birds of prey play in the way of life here.

To such an extent that local people routinely dropped by and drop their birds of prey off at the emergency clinic with the goal that they can have their nails cut and cut, or have an activity if need be. The emergency clinic additionally does a lot to support training and preservation of these incredible feathered creatures.

Emirates Palace

Stop in and attempt their renowned cappuccino, beat (obviously) with gold chips.

The beverage will interfere with you 60 dirham ($16), and possesses a flavor like an ordinary cappuccino, yet it’s extravagant and fun and you realize you need to snap that photograph for Instagram as I did. 😉

I’d jump out next time on the camel burger, additionally bested with gold, which I snatched simply because I was starving.

On the off chance that you want to remain the night, the suites here beginning at around $600/night.

Ferrari World 

Vehicle fans should stop by the Ferrari World, home to an elite gathering of vintage and curiosity autos, which additionally serves as an amusement leave (Ferrari-themed, obviously) with the quickest rollercoaster on the planet and the biggest rollercoaster circle. I didn’t advance here, however it’s a top fascination for the region.


A stretch of sandy shorelines and parks, the Corniche is a prevalent hang out spot for local people and shoreline goers.

In Summary: 

Abu Dhabi is all the more tranquil, traditionalist and social than Dubai. It’s likewise progressively moderate—inns and taxicabs both cost significantly less here than they do in Dubai. In case you’re seeking after nightlife, you won’t discover it here.

In the event that that is not imperative to you (it’s not to me), than you’ll appreciate a pleasant calm remain here.

Where to Stay in Abu Dhabi 

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Cornice: Set appropriate close to the water, this perfect lodging is first rate with the majority of the courtesies you’d find in an upscale inn. I adored their pool bar, Chillo-s, and their pool. Rooms go around $150/night which is extraordinary for what you get.

Imperial Rose Hotel: For spending plan disapproved of explorers, the Royal Rose Hotel gets good grades. The style here is French, with only a dash of super gold (this is the UAE all things considered) however it’s privilege in the city, near the corniche, and rooms start at around $77.

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel: If you need to encounter genuine UAE extravagance, book a stay in the Jumeirah. With access to a private shoreline and mindful staff taking into account your each need, you can truly unwind and appreciate all that the property offers. Profoundly suggest for solo explorers!