Public Record Databases Are Your Best Friend For Access to Public Records

The amount of public records that follow the average person around is staggering. Roughly 90% of all American people have some sort of record associated with them.   This can be anything from court documents, criminal records, property documents and even marriage and divorce papers. This author searches public records databases every day in his job as a Private Investigator. The information one can obtain via public documents is amazing.

 What You Can Learn

The information in public documents can help you Lexbase determine a person’s marital status, where they live, if they have a criminal record or even if they have ever been sued for anything. Â The other important thing to keep in mind is since most databases contain data from across the nation, all the courts and such will be searched. This way if your subject has a record somewhere he got on vacation you can get it in a database but you may have never found it on your own. Depending on the person of course, the information that can be gained can help to dig deeper into someone’s background for whatever reason you may ha

What Is a Public Records Database?

When this author says that a public records database can be your best friend he means they are the most comprehensive and easy places to search.  To explain further, what they do is take billions of records and documents from across the country and index them into one large, huge database. You can then subscribe to this database (after all they have taken the time and expense to organize all this data into one place) and search for any documents on your subject. Be sure to use caution when selecting a database. Only use sources that offer a guarantee and preliminary results.