Small Vapes [updated for 2021]


While enormous and cumbersome vape mods enjoy a few benefits – they are amazing, they have different batteries, and they can have very high wattage abilities. Notwithstanding, there’s one thing that they are not… little or watchful! While smaller than expected mods might not have the wattage yield of a portion of their greater siblings, they do give a few benefits that huge mods don’t, including simplicity of versatility, simple stockpiling, and now and again above all, discreteness.

You can’t discuss little vapes with including unit vapes as these will in general be a lot of little than their vape mod partners. Tragically, some little vapes don’t offer the exhibition that numerous vapers look for, and when purchasing little vape mods and case frameworks, it’s imperative to choose one that will offer you the characteristics that you favor most.

Which little gadget would it be advisable for you to pick? To simplify your choice, we’ve assembled a rundown of the 10 best vape mods for little size, simple stockpiling, smallness and discreteness!

# 1 – Voopoo Nano Kit

Voopoo Drag Nano Kit – Best little vapes 2020

As a matter of first importance Voopoo’s Drag scope of gadgets is perhaps the most mainstream arrangement of any vape brand. Since clients love the way the Drag looks with its mark ‘DRAG’ unmistakably showed on one side. With the Nano the side has a nearly reflect like get done with simply adds to the emotional styling. The opposite side likewise has the Drag signature pitch finish. With the Drag Nano form that you see above, we got the restricted release chain so you can wear your Nano round your neck like Flavor Flav.

So on the off chance that you extravagant adding a touch of bling MY BAR Lychee to your vape get your Voopoo Drag Nano request in overall quite early. It has an amazing 750 mAh battery worked in and the substitution units have a 1 mL vape juice limit. Be that as it may, the absolute best thing is the size, nano by name nano naturally!

At simply 54.5 x 35 x 11mm it’s one of the littlest unit vapes we’ve at any point got our hands on. Accordingly it implies a slight drop in execution. The Drag Nano has the GENE chip which includes another ‘Chilly Boot Mode’ to improve the underlying flavor.


😀 tiny

😀 Looks astounding

😀 Cool chain

😀 Super secretive


😞 Flavor creation not the best on this rundown

😞 Small squeeze limit


# 2 – SMOK Novo 2

First of all, this is the most famous vape pack in our online vape shop and there are numerous reasons why. Presumably the explanation you’re perusing this is on the grounds that you need a little vape, and it doesn’t get a lot more modest than the SMOK Novo 2. Very secretive you can grasp it secretly.

Notwithstanding its size there is no penance in execution by any means. The Novo 2 truly kicks ass! Ex-smokers and ex-JUULers especially love the way well the Novo 2 performs. Since the limited attract is like smoking a cigarette. Given the little size it’s extraordinary that SMOK have figured out how to fit in a 800mAh battery. Vape juice limit is 2mL yet in the event that your worried about that you can generally purchase a couple of extra SMOK Novo 2 cases or convey your juice with you. Changing units couldn’t be simpler, simply haul it out and a when you set up it back the cases clicks.


😀 tiny and careful

😀 Very simple to change units

😀 Colossal execution

😀 Good battery life

😀 Nice scope of lively tones


😞 Coils not replaceable

😞 Vape juice window not accommodating

😞 Small opening for topping off

Client Review: “I had a normal Smok Novo yet got the Novo 2 around fourteen days prior. Each difficult I at any point had with the Novo was tended to in this adaptation! Battery endures the entire day and into the evening, charges quick, NO LEAKS(!) and it’s more modest feels more like a cigarette. Furthermore NO BUTTON! I loathed the catch. What a magnificent product!!!”

Client Review: “It’s little and circumspect. You can essentially vape anyplace with this. No releases at all.”

Client Review: “On the off chance that you like basic and effective this is the gadget for you. It’s actually similar to the first novo however with a marginally better draw and a superior battery. Presumably the best little salt nic gadget out there.”

Client Review: “Changed from a JUUL to the Novo 2 and what a significant improvement. Battery life is magnificent, went more than 24 hours prior to requiring a charge. Simple to top off the cases, it hits incredible without fail, I love this thing.””