The 5 Most Amazing Match-3 Games to Play Instead of Bejeweled

What do specialists workplaces, supermarkets, and air terminals share practically speaking? That’s right, they’re all spots where you pause… furthermore, pause. Obviously, they’re additionally puts that are simply ideal for playing a fast game or three on your iPhone. Match-three riddles are by a long shot one of the most famous sorts of games on any cell phone. For whatever length of time that individuals have been messing around on their telephone, they’ve had some type of this fast match them and win diversion to ace.

For a considerable length of time, the top riddle games has been Bejeweled, yet the market for coordinate three games is wild and the challenge shows signs of improvement consistently. We’ve gathered together the most sizzling match-three riddles right now accessible for the iPhone and iPod contact gadgets. In this way, whenever your sticking around as opposed to playing one more round of Bejeweled, download one of these stunning new twists on an exceptionally famous blast from the past.

We like them all along these lines, in no specific request, here are the 5 most astonishing match-three riddles to play rather than Bejeweled:

Our initial two picks for must-have coordinate three applications explore new territory and irregular for the class: these two games obscure the line between the RPG type and the match-three or puzzle classification.


In chronoSgear, ongoing interaction is basically a match-three riddle, and yet there’s a backstory that is much the same as a Japanese manga. You battle various enemies, have the alternative to run, and you complete errands for a hazardous pack. Generally, chronoSgear takes the best of the match-three kind and the best of the RPG type and mixes them together into one enjoyment application.

Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night

Since the time outdated Nintendo, the Castlevania establishment has been winning fans everywhere throughout the globe. This Castlevania-themed coordinate three game is the first Castlevania game for the iPhone and iPad. Envision something like Tetris set inside the setting of a Castlevania plot. In spite of the fact that it’s not actually equivalent to the first Castlevania, you despite everything gather things, hardware, spells, and praises as you advance through the various levels.

Our next three match-three riddles are progressively conventional, however each despite everything adds a one of a kind bend to the idea.


In SteamBalls, you attempt to coordinate¬†word games at any rate three balls in flat columns, however there’s a wind. The more balls you add to a segment, the more the situation of the balls moves as you “overload it”. At the end of the day, you need to strategize where the balls are, however you need to consider the weight you add to some random section. Thus, the board in SteamBalls is continually progressing as you include and remove the balls, making it more testing than your normal match-three riddle game.

Babo Crash

On the off chance that you like Bejeweled, you’ll love Babo Crash. Basically, Babo Crash takes the Bejeweled idea and includes a few different components that make Babo Crash, in the expressions of one commentator at the App Store, “as Bejeweled on steroids”. As you coordinate comparable gems, you make “superheroes” that go onto the screen and gather different pieces up for you. In any case, in case you’re not cautious you can likewise make amazing foes that meddle with your procedures and lose focuses for you, so you must be ready and remain sharp to keep these adversaries from assuming control over your screen.